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Build precise prospect lists in under 10 minutes

Tell our AI your ideal customer profile in plain English, and watch it find 99% accurate lead lists and personalize the outreach for you

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12 hrs



Increase in Calls/week


Decrease prospecting time

Laser-Like Accuracy

We leverage our cutting-edge AI technology to constantly refine and optimize our lead generation process to ensure we find the exact people who fit your ideal customer profile. With our 99% accuracy rate, our process is like a laser beam, hitting only the targets that matter most to your business.

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Train our AI to work for you

Just like onboarding a new hire, you can use natural language to train and teach our AI to create a precise, targeted prospect list. No more manual filtering!

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Human-level Email Personalization at Scale

Our natural language AI processing technology uses custom variables to craft highly personalized emails that sound like Sally from your sales team, resulting in higher response rates and more qualified leads for your sales team.

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Book calls & land deals
with the best in the business.

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Hear it from our clients

"Salezilla has been a complete asset in our sales process. They are very strategic when building the top end of our sales funnel and have become a crucial part of the sales funnel"

April Ly, VP of Business Development at Hatch Duo

Ready to exceed your targets?

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