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The Next Gen

Cold Email Platform

We mix experience with the latest available technology to do cold email right. Plug-n-play a specific component or let us do it all with a fully managed service. Whatever your needs, we leverage the best to maximize your success.

  • AI SDRs find your prospects for you

  • GPT auto-personalizes your email outreach 

  • Cold email infrastructure setup and monitoring

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1. The 78% avg. open rates and 7% avg. reply rates are based on Salezilla Jun. - Oct. 2022  campaign results.

2. The "wearable campaign" and "beverage campaign" are from Salezilla's client campaigns.

Why Our Customers Choose Us

Average Open Rate

80.5 %

Average Reply Rate

10.2 %

Meetings booked in 3 months


"Salezilla allowed our limited team size to focus on providing quality attention to founders during their fundraising calls by freeing up some of their time they would normally spend researching for startups. Salezilla is allowing us to look for founders who need capital in new areas we did not have the technology or bandwidth for."

Iñaki Pedroarena-Leal, Head of Partnerships

"Salezilla has been a complete asset in our sales process. They are very strategic when building the top end of our sales funnel and have become a crucial part of the sales funnel"

Hatch Duo
April Ly, VP of Business Development

Number of Contacted

23K +

Reply Rate


How Salezilla makes cold email outreach super accurate and easy

Step 1
Email Infrastructure Management
Step 2
Step 3
AI Email Personalization
Step 4
Campaign Management Platform
AI Sales Development Representative

Prospect Research on Autopilot

No more wasting hours on clicking through pages on LinkedIn or other databases to find the perfect prospects, our AI SDR does it all for you. Leverage AI to do automatic prospect research and get thousands of on-target prospects fast.

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Precise AI Email Personalization

Authenticity at Sale

Say goodbye to generic email placeholders like {{job_title}} and {{city}}.


Our innovative solution allows you to auto-extract specific information from company websites and incorporate into your outreach, enabling your campaigns to look human written while achieving robotic scale.

Email Infrastructure Management

Mitigate domain risk and stay in the inbox

No need to stress about email deliverability. We ensure your emails are hitting primary inbox with a managed service of domain procurement, DNS management, email authentication, domain warmups, volume ramp-up and regular email deliverability testing.

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The Works: Fully Managed Cold Outreach Program

The best cold outreach program that money can buy

The latest technological tools wielded by the experts that built them. We’re a diverse and experienced team of operators, LLM researchers, software engineers, data scientists, and designers.


We have used these skills to become the best in the world at a single niche: cold B2B outreach. You will not find another service with our capabilities, we’ve been far ahead of the curve since our inception in 2020, and are hellbent on making sure that streak continues.

Book calls & land deals
with the best in the business.

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Ready to exceed your targets?

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