State-of-the-art AI targeting

The world's first high-precision B2B targeting and personalization tool. Forget inaccurate boolean searches, type in plain English what kind of companies you're looking for, and our AI will grab high-precision results and generate human-level email personalization for you based on text analysis of millions of websites

  • Access to Self-Serve Tool

  • Access to Campaign Management Suite to launch campaigns from

  • Advanced campaign analytics

  • Unlimited prospects!

Campaign Management

We take over cold emailing for you

World-class cold email campaign management team


State-of-the-art AI targeting and email personalization tool

= The most effective turn-key cold email solution ever built

  • Dedicated campaign success manager

  • Target segment & copy consultations

  • Up to 10 campaigns per month

  • Reported analytics

  • Monthly targets based on your niche

Success-Based Pricing

We only succeed when you do

Whether it's commission upon conversion or payment on number of meetings booked, our incentives will be aligned so that we get out what we put in for you.

Since each company is different and has different needs, we invite you to schedule a free consultation call to figure out the success based pricing model that works for you.

What we have achieved
for our clients.