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Meet The Team

Our Story

Late 2019, Salezilla began as an internal tool for Skillzilla, our parent company, to leverage the limited resources we have as a small startup to acquire clients.


We didn’t have enough time or people to gather a list of companies in our target market, conduct research on each company, identify key contacts within that company, craft a personalized message to each prospect, and follow up with each of them multiple times.


What we did and still have are people who have expertise in sales, business strategy, software engineering, and data science. 


Naturally, we built our way out of this problem.


We ran the tool for the first time, and a day later, a prospect’s email landed in our inbox, and then another, and then the responses kept coming in. Not long after we started our first campaign, we more than 10x’d our reachouts with hyper-optimized targeting parameters to ensure our reachouts feel personal and well researched. The tool worked so well we couldn’t stop telling our friends about it. One by one, they asked us if they could try it out, and out of that, Salezilla was born.

Meet some of our clients.

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