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Maximize Sales, Minimize Effort
Dive into Seamless Lead Generation

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Generate Company List

Based on how you trained your AI model, our tool will generate a list of companies that are within your target segment.

Campaign Launch

Sit back, relax and wait for the responses to flood in. All your sales team has to do now is get on calls and close those deals!

Define your Ideal Customer Profile

Our AI model understands languages like you and I. Define your ideal customer profile just by typing it in, our AI will generate example companies for you to label.

Teach and Grade the AI model

Teach and grade the AI model by labeling a few example companies that fits your target segment. It's as easy as just swiping left or right!


We are 10x better

We 10x B2B cold email performance compared to a human sales rep or a team using "modern" sales tools like Apollo or ZoomInfo.


We perform as well as an experienced sales rep, but at scale.

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