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Auto-fill your B2B pipeline

Salezilla is the industry leader in B2B cold email marketing.

99% accurate lead targeting and human-level email personalization in one AI-powered solution that sends qualified leads straight to your calendar and inbox.

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Our clients enjoy a 10-15x ROI through our success-based pricing. We align our incentives with yours, and dedicate every resource available to ensure your success.

99% Accurate Lead Targeting

Leveraging the latest in AI, we’re able to generate leads that fit your ideal customer profile.

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Human-Level Email Personalization at Scale

Our AI algorithms understand your business and prospects, and writes human-level email copy that makes prospects think your salesperson wrote the email to them.

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You Close Deals. We Do the Rest.

We automate the entire prospecting process, so your sales team can focus on closing sales. Our cold email infrastructure guarantees continual outreach with no down time.

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Book calls & land deals
with the best in the business.

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Hear it from our clients

"Salezilla has been a complete asset in our sales process. They are very strategic when building the top end of our sales funnel and have become a crucial part of the sales funnel"

April Ly, VP of Business Development at Hatch Duo

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